Shiplap Installation Woodstock GA

Are you a beach body? Do you miss the sound of the ocean?

One way to create a nautical vibe inside your home is with shiplap installation. This unique style of interior walls looks just like a beach cottage!

Shiplap is a beach lover’s ideal furnishing style. However, it is also tricky to do.

Luckily the professionals at Southern Home Renovations have the experience you need to handle your job. We can create your ideal living space in no time at all!

Don’t hire pricey construction contractors when you can save a ton on your new interior walls. Have the home you deserve for less!

What is Shiplap?

The shiplap style comes alive through a series of horizontal boards. While these boards more look rustic, like a barn or cabin, they can create a unique coastal feel.

What’s exciting about shiplap is it gives your interior walls an exterior look and feel. Depending on the color they were painted, they can create an appearance similar to many different home styles.

For that classic beachy style, though, painting them white is the way to go. And once your new walls accent with light blues or teals, you can practically smell the salt air!

As Much as You Need

One of the top features of shiplap is that is can be used virtually anywhere inside or out of your home. Inside, it can create a beautifully themed room, or you can use it throughout the house.

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